Experience the Snavely’s Advantage

Snavely’s Mill takes pride in selling a quality product at a fair price to a quality-aware market, rather than selling a price-reduced commodity to a mass market. While we are big enough to be a reliable supplier of the highest quality flour products, we are small enough to really care. Our customers appreciate how attentive we are when it comes to consistently meeting their unique needs and exacting requirements, order after order, year after year.

Food Safety

Snavely’s Mill adheres to the highest food safety standards in the industry. In fact, we consider no component of our business more important than following good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to ensure that each of our four facilities consistently produces only the safest and highest quality products.

Food safety is a living and breathing process that begins with the commitment of our management and permeates every aspect of our operation, from how we select, inspect and clean our grains to how we batch-test our final flour products in our own on-site quality assurance laboratories.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you our stellar track record for food safety and provide you with details about the specific process we employ that enables customers to buy from Snavely’s Mill with complete confidence.


Operating our own fleet (currently 25 trucks), as opposed to outsourcing carrier operations, enables Snavely’s Mill to deliver on promises to customers with precision. We have complete control of our delivery schedules and timetables and couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. Another advantage to our customers is that our drivers are not mere movers of our bagged and bulk flour products, but service-oriented employees who regularly interact with our customers and add value to their experiences with Snavely’s Mill.


Here are some of the environmentally-conscious decisions Snavely’s Mill has made in our ongoing efforts to find innovative ways—both big and small—to minimize our environmental footprint:

  • We source the majority of our Soft Red Winter wheat from our home base of Pennsylvania and bordering states on the Eastern Shore.
  • We participate in a Demand-Side Response program to balance energy supply and demand, thereby promoting efficiencies and conservation in all our operations
  • We procure and manage our own transportation fleet meeting Certified Clean Idle standards and employ transportation strategies to ensure efficient use of the fleet and minimize road hours
  • We use 2-ply paper bags to package most of our products to reduce paper consumption
  • We use energy-efficient, motioned-activated LED lighting and further reduce energy consumption by powering off manufacturing and production equipment when not in use