Who We Serve

Trusted Flour for Exceeding Expectations

Serving bakeries and manufacturers across the US, Snavely’s Mill has become a trusted partner and an essential ingredient for success.

Artisan Bakers

Grain and flour are to the process of making artisan bread what malted barley and hops are to the process of making craft beer. At Snavely’s Mill, we enjoy partnering with artisan bakers to help them select the ingredients necessary to produce distinctive breads yielding amazing flavors, textures and aromas.

Commercial Bakers

Having reliable ingredient partners is key to the success of commercial bakers. At Snavely’s Mill, we take pride in helping to ensure commercial bakers have ready access to the finest flours they need, when they need it, at a fair price.

CPG Manufacturers

Flour and flour products are a staple ingredient in many consumer-packaged goods. At Snavely’s Mill, we work hard to ensure our products consistently perform for bakers of breads, snack foods, sweet treats and other food products.


Snavely’s Mill offers an extensive portfolio of grain-based foodservice products. We are proud to be a reliable provider to the foodservice industry, including commercial and institutional foodservice operators.


Snavely’s Mill offers a variety of quality flour products to distributors and the convenience of sourcing from one supplier with multiple locations.  We also support distributors’ private label flour and packaging needs.