Whole Wheat Flour

Our 100% whole grain wheat flour, milled from American hard red spring wheat, contains the nutritional benefits of grinding the whole kernel and can be milled to meet specific protein and granulation targets.  This product can replace white flour in most recipes with little or no modifications.  No treatments are added unless requested.


  • Dry, free-flowing and absent of any hard lumps
  • Light brown in color with brown flecks throughout
  • No off odors or flavors

Additional information

Targeted Proteins Available

12%, 14%, Other

Granulations Available

Fine, Medium, Coarse, Extra Coarse, Other


Bagels, Breads, Brownies, Cookies, Muffins, Pizza Crusts, Pretzels, Rolls


50 lb. multi-wall paper sacks, 100 lb. multi-wall paper sacks, Super Sacks, Bulk

All Snavely’s products are certified kosher. Product availability may be dependent on volumes.